Slow Cook Stew & Soup

Every week five dishes and a baked item are cooked with a different fresh and homemade vegetarian soup, each day. Our hot food is extremely popular because every single dish here is WOOnised! It took us years to develop these slow cooked dishes to give your taste buds a very special treat.

Woolley’s hot food is served with brown rice or oven baked jacket potato. The bake of the week comes with a salad of your choice. Woolley’s weekly menu for hot food includes; our famous beef chilli, chicken stew of the week, one vegetarian meal and two vegan slow cooked stews plus a vegetarian bake of the week. There really is something for everyone.
We have 33 different soups, all vegetarian and mostly gluten and dairy free, changed on a daily basis and in a choice of medium or large pot.
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