Who are Woolley’s?

Woolley’s has been working as a Café Restaurant and a catering service provider for businesses in Holborn central London, since 1992. The restaurant is well known for its quality and homemade dishes. YES, everything at Woolley’s has been a high street favourite, Café Restaurant and catering service in Bloomsbury, central London, since 1992. Loved for our homemade dishes, cooked lovingly in our well-equipped kitchen, our regulars keep coming back!

Our hotpot dishes and sandwich filings, our extensive range of salad mixes and special pastries & cakes are all prepared daily by our very dedicated and talented staff. Even pesto and chilli sauces are made in house. Woolley’s means homemade every time!

We start early at the restaurant, when the city is still asleep. And when it wakes up we are waiting with a Woolley’s breakfast. Woolley’s banana cake has been served at our shop since its very first day and is so popular that no matter how many we bake each morning; they rarely last to the end of lunchtime! Woolley’s believe in the art of cooking. It’s not so much about the type of food or the name of the dishes, but more about the artistry behind the cooking. Anyone can paint, but not everyone’s painting becomes a masterpiece! The same applies to cooking. It is about the right balance of spices, carefully selected ingredients, freshness and presentation.

Woolley’s has taken several years to refine your favourite dishes. We call it “WOOnising” – a dish made magic by the touch of the Chef. Even the taste of a simple jacket potato at Woolley’s is elevated to a culinary masterpiece, because it has been WOOnised!!!