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Our mission is to celebrate homemade, healthy food from all over the world, produced with the best fresh ingredients, while contributing for a more sustainable environment.

How it all began...

It all started back in 1988 when the two Woolley’s brothers decided to turn their passion for food into a business. Back in a time when “healthy food” was not yet a trend, they dared to invest in fresh, natural, homemade ingredients and the result was an extremely successful restaurant and catering business, which they sold in 1999. When we took over the Woolley’s brand in 2011, our mission was clear: to enhance the beauty of the original and successful Woolley’s.

With years of experience in the food and culinary industry, our team let themselves be inspired for Woolley’s high street favourites and added new dishes into the mix, always with the same original freshness, quality, and incredible taste. The passion we share for food is also the same we share for upcycling. Our very first restaurant, nestled in Bloomsbury, London, was one of the few buildings that survived the bombing in
the area, back in 1940 during World War II. This two entrance building –via Theobalds Road and Lamb’s Conduit Passage – has, just like Woolley’s itself, its very own soul.

That’s why all the designs found at Woolley’s restaurants are made around what was already in the shops, by creatively reusing and transforming spaces, products and materials.Nowadays, Woolley’s is known for its fresh, homemade, healthy food – a fusion of flavours and colours from all the over world – created in a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

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