Our Vision

To become London’s favourite choice for homemade and healthy food, while using locally-sourced, sustainable fresh ingredients, produced and served in a plastic-free environment

We say No to food waste

Too Good to Go

We’ve partnered with the Too Good To Go App so you can now order your favourite food from Woolley’s after lunch time, at a discounted price!

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Growing into our Sustainability Vision

Here at Woolley’s, we are committed to do everything we can to be, each day, a step closer to offer sustainable delicious meals in a sustainable environment.

  • We buy fresh products from local suppliers; by doing this, we look to reduce the levels of CO2 emissions and to minimise the damages usually caused to the ingredients during transportation, avoiding food waste
  • Hoping to reduce food waste, we use smaller plates and offer multiple portion choices and a wide range of alternative nutritious sides which allows customers to pick a healthier meal, in a size that suits their appetite
  • We offer tap water for the “eat in” customers, which is not only cost effective, but it also helps avoiding plastic, card and water waste
  • We organise and schedule our menus on a weekly basis, so we only order the exact amount of ingredients we need to produce those same dishes; we optimise our food by being creative with our weekly recipes and by utilising, as much as possible, ingredients across different dishes
  • Our team members are all trained to help reducing food waste and to promote awareness and understanding of food recycling